About us

SPIRIT AUTO is an Agent of TURBO TECHNICS in Bulgaria.

Turbo Technics is a British turbo test equipment manufacturer, a world leader when it comes to turbochargers and turbocharging.

SPIRIT AUTO is an importer of turbochargers and turbocharger repair kits at competitive prices.

The product range includes both new and remanufactured turbochargers and repair kits ( CHRA / cartridge, EGR valves, etc.) of leading companies in the industry: BorgWarner, Garrett, HOLSET, Melett, JP GROUP, TURBOrail as well as other suppliers.

We work with suppliers from several European countires with reliable logistics partners to deliver goods within reasonable time.

We constantly add new items to our range of products in order to meet our customers’ needs.

The products are offered to wholesale partners and repair shops all over the country.

SPIRIT AUTO is official dealer of MDS Remanufacture in Bulgaria.

New or remanufactured turbocharger?

The new turbocharger has often been the only choice due to lack of supply of remanufactured ones. Remanufacturing of some spair parts and in particular of turbochargers in recent years has been growing rapidly on a global scale and recently in Bulgaria. The choice of a remanufactured turbocharger is motivated for several reasons. Leading companies in the industry claim that the recovered  turbocharger is “as good as new one”. Considering this, if you are looking for a replacement of the original turbocharger with one that is economical solution and does not compromise quality, then your best option is remanufactured turbocharger. This is perfect choice for customers sensitive to price and quality.

Some good reasons to choose remanufactured turbocharger:

  • Protect the environment. Remanufacturing in general requires about 15% of the energy needed to produce a new product.
  • Perfect choice for price and quality.
  • Assembled, balanced and tested on the same production line and process as well as the original / serial production of the so-called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturers.